Veterinary Services

Preventative Care

We provide a wide spectrum of preventative care for our patients including but not limited to: annual physical exams, client education, routine blood and urine tests, routine dental cleanings, vaccinations, heartworm testing & preventatives, intestinal parasite diagnotics & treatment and flea/tick preventatives.  The care recommended will be catered to the specific needs of your pet depending on their age, lifestyle and other risk factors. 

Puppy & Kitten Packages

Discounted plans are offered for puppies and kittens which include: exam, vaccinations, fecal exams to check for parasites, antiparasitic medication, flea medication, heartworm medication and microchips.

Routine Care

Comprehensive medical care is offered with in-house diagnostics including laboratory and x-rays as well as hospitalization when needed. 

Dental Prophylaxis and Treatment

Dental assessment, and treatment (including cleaning, polishing, dental x-rays and extractions as indicated) is provided on-site under general anesthesia.  The extent of dental treatments can often be minimized by providing routine at-home dental care or routine dental cleanings by your veterinarian. 

Routine Surgical Services

Routine surgical services are provided as well as many daytime emergency surgical services by our doctors.  Most patients coming in for routine, non-orthopedic surgeries will be discharged at closing the same day of surgery.  Some orthopedic, extensive or complicated surgeries may be performed by a surgeon at our facility on your consent.   

Orthopedics & Specialty Surgeries

Many routine orthopedic and specialized surgeries can be performed in-house by Dr. Ron May-Pumphrey. Animals are generally admitted in the morning, surgery performed in the afternoon and some animals are discharged the following morning, depending on the procedure to be performed. More information on our traveling surgeon can be found at  We have been using the services of Dr. May-Pumphrey for many years and have always been very pleased with the care our patients receive.

Some patients requiring specialized surgical equipment, extensive aftercare or patients requiring emergency surgery may be referred out to a 24 hour surgical facility.


Cardiology services are provided in-house by Dr. Rick Kienle of Mission Valley Cardiology.  The initial patient evaluation will be performed by our staff doctors and patients referred to Dr. Kienle if they are in need of more specialized evaluation, diagnostics or treatment.  Dr. Kienle is a board certified veterinary cardiologist whom we have worked closely with for many years with great satisfaction.


Although general anesthesia always carries some risk, we try to minimize these risks.  Pre-anesthesia blood work is recommended on all anesthetic patients to screen for conditions that may interfere with or become worsened by the anesthesia or surgery.  Some of these conditions may include but are not limited to liver disease, kidney disease, anemia, infection and bleeding disorders.  After identifying these conditions, we can adjust our anesthetic protocol to address these additional risks.  Pre-anesthesia blood work can also identify conditions in seemingly otherwise healthy, young animals.  Different levels of pre-anesthetic blood work may be recommended depending on your pet's overall health & age, the type of surgery to be performed and the anticipated length of anesthesia. 

All patients undergoing general anesthesia (with the exception of some feline castrations and small mammals) will have an intravenous catheter, intravenous fluid therapy, an endotracheal tube and constant monitoring during the procedure.


Chiropractic services will be offered in-house by Deborah Sell, an ACVA Certified Animal Chiropractor.  She has vast experience in all aspects of veterinary chiropractics and has served our clients well over the years.  You can find more information on her website at

Hospital Policies
Routine Care is provided by appointment.  To schedule an appointment, please call
(408) 779-4010.

New Clients: To better serve you, please provide us with copies of your pet's previous veterinary medical records prior to your appointment. This should include vaccination information, current medications and the detailed veterinary medical record. When possible hard copies are preferred over faxed versions due to increased legibility. Your previous veterinarian can fax records to us at



Late and Missed Appointments: Please arrive at or slightly before your appointment time so that our receptionists can get the check in process started. Clients arriving more than ten minutes late may need to be rescheduled. If you are late for your appointment, we will make every effort to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. Dependent on the schedule, you may be offered to see another veterinarian, drop your pet off to be worked in as time permits, rescheduled for a new appointment time or referred to the emergency clinic. We will not bump or inconvenience other clients because you are late. If you think you are going to be late please call us to determine if your late arrival will be accommodated or if you need to rescheduled.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you kindly provide us with at least 24 hours notice or call as soon as possible. Clients who repeatedly miss their appointments may be charged a missed appointment fee or may be required to schedule drop off appointments only.  Drop off appointments are not scheduled for an appointment time and your pet is worked in as time permits. 

Triage: Emergency life threatening cases will always receive top priority, followed by previously scheduled appointments.  After that, drop off appointments and late appointments are seen as time permits.

Walk-ins are discouraged due to potentially long wait times but will be accommodated when possible.

Day Time Emergencies will be accommodated on a walk-in basis.  However, please call ahead whenever possible to allow us to adjust our schedules and prepare.

After-Hours Emergencies will be referred to one of the nearest emergency facilities:
Sage Veterinary Specialty and Emergency 408-715-2908 907 Dell, Campbell

United Emergency Animal Clinic (408) 371-6252 905 Dell, Campbell


Pacific Veterinary Emergency Services (831) 476-2584 1980 41st Avenue, Capitola.


Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital (831) 475-5400 2585 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz

Monterey Penisula Veterinary Emergency (831) 373-7374 20 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Suite 150, Monterey, CA